MATHEON Project A19: Modelling and Optimization

of Functional Molecules

In recent years we have been successful in advancing so-called conformation dynamics algorithms (with a widespread portfolio of applications such as conformation changes of oligopeptides, protein folding, DNA flexibility, ligand design, etc.) including the corresponding mathematical modelling and simulation issues (see Project “Markov State Models: Theory and Algorithms”), and the incorporation of experimental data into the modelling and simulation context (see project “From single molecule experiments to models of  molecular kinetics”). Next we will pursue the technological goal of design and optimization of functional molecules. The focus in this still quite large target field will be on molecular sensors (biocomputing group) and on enzyme design (our cooperation partner ZIB).

Selected Publications

  • Haack, F. and Röblitz, S. and Scharkoi, O. and Schmidt, B. and Weber, M. (2010) Adaptive spectral clustering for conformation analysis. In: ICNAAM 2010: International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics. AIP Conf. Proc. (1281). AIP, pp. 1585-1588.


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Christof Schuette, Frank Noe,

Peter Deuflhard

Project researchers

Marco Sarich, Burkhard Schmidt, Frank Noe,
Marcus Weber, Christof Schuette, Peter Deuflhard, Tim Conrad



P. Deuflhard (ZIB), E. Vanden Eijnden (Courant, NYU), M. Dellnitz (U Paderborn), V. Pande (Stanford)