SFB 740 Project D7:

From molecular patterns to transport in specific geometries

Spatial aspects such as local molecular patterns in membranes, location of molecules, directed transport processes and diffusional motion in specific geometries are essential determinants of cellular function. This is investigated by simulation studies of the rod cell phototransduction module: Molecular dynamics simulations of local molecular pattern formation in membranes will be combined with space-time resolved particle simulations of the entire rod cell outer segment, yielding a mechanistic and high-resolution model of how phototransduction modular function is rooted in molecular interactions that occur in specific geometrical arrangements.

Selected Publications

  • Seibert, Johannes (2010) Investigation of the reaction-diffusion processes of rod
    cell disc membrane photoactivation with single-particle resolution. Masters
    thesis, FU Berlin.


Frank Noe

Project researchers

Frank Noe,

Johannes Seibert, Martin Held