Berlin Mathematical School

The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) is a joint graduate school of the mathematics departments of the three major Berlin universities, TU Berlin, FU Berlin, and HU Berlin. It has been created in 2006 in the framework of the German excellence initiative and offers a uniform setting for graduate studies (from Bachelor to Ph.D.) in mathematics in Berlin, a coordinated, highly diverse course program in English (Phase I, from bachelor to qualifying exams in two years), access to all math research groups in Berlin for a PhD (Phase II), intensive mentoring during the whole duration of studies, and support in non mathematical issues ranging from housing to visas and from child care to language courses. The biocomputing group has participated in the BMS. Its head Christof Schuette is member of the executive board of the BMS.

Application / Admission via BMS Webpage (click here)

Research Areas of BMS

1. Analysis, geometry, and mathematical physics   
2. Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory   
3. Probability, statistics, and financial mathematics   
4. Discrete mathematics and optimization   
5. Visualization and geometry processing  
6. Numerical mathematics and scientific computing   
7. Mathematical modeling and applied analysis


The Biocomputing Group is active within Research Areas 3 and 6 of BMS.