MATHEON - Mathematics for key technologies

 The DFG Research Center MATHEON “Mathematics for key technologies: Modelling, simulation, and optimization of realworld processes” in Berlin was founded in June 2002. It was established by the five participating institutions – the three universities FU, HU and TU and the mathematical research institutes WIAS and ZIB. The biocomputing group has participated in MATHEON since 2002 with several projects. Its head Christof Schuette is acting cochair of MATHEON and has served in MATHEON’s executive board since 2002.


MATHEON's Homepage


List of present MATHEON projects of the Biocomputing group

Projects A19 on Molecular Processes, A15 on Membranes and ZE6 "PlayMolecule".

MATHEON’s mission

is the combination of excellent basic research in applied mathematics with sustainable innovation in key technologies:

Key technologies become more complex, innovation cycles get shorter. Flexible mathematical models open new possibilities to master complexity, to react quickly, and to explore new smart options. Such models can only be obtained via abstraction. Innovation needs flexibility, flexibility needs abstraction, the language of abstraction is mathematics. But mathematics is not only a language, it adds value: theoretical insight, efficient algorithms, optimal solutions.

MATHEON's research is organized in six application areas (see illustration on the left):
A-Life Sciences
D-Electronic & Photonic Devices
These are complemented by projects in our research area "Education".

ZE - Education F - Visualization E - Finance D - Electronic & Photonic Devices C - Production B - Networks A - Life Sciences