Initial Training Network "Nanopoly"

Nano-Architecture of Polymers (coordinator: Ch. Schuette)


NANOPOLY’s main scientific objective is to further create, exchange and spreadout know-how in designing innovative, specialized polymer products and in optimizing current production strategies systematically. NANOPOLY is unique in combining the strengths of applied mathematics/software engineering on the one hand and macromolecular chemistry/reaction engineering on the other hand. These two sets of competences are currently rather unrelated but represent an important source of innovation for creating new models and associated software tools that permit new rational designs of polymer materials. NANOPOLY’s main training objective is the education of a new generation of researchers who are able to bridge the still significant gap between the two mentioned sets of competences. Through superior training, intense cooperation, and outreach the network will build-up an exeptional multidisciplinary, European-based community that is able to achieve the crucial transfer of knowledge between the associated fields and thus permit major innovation in improving technological processes that allow tailoring nanoarchitectures of polymers to specific requirements.

Research Strategy and training program:

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Events and software releases

"Emulsion Polymerization Course

Project ended September 30, 2013:













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Nanopoly Consortium (pdf)


 1  - Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), Berlin - Germany; Coordinator

 3  - Ustav Makromolekularni Chemie Avcr, v.v.i. (IMC), Prague - Czech Republic
 4  - BASF SE (BASF), Ludwigshafen - Germany
 5  - Universiteit van Amsterdam (UA), Amsterdam - Netherlands
 6  - Universidad del País Vasco (UPV EHU), leioa-Bizkaia - Spain
 7  - Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zürich), Zürich - Schweiz
 8  - Dr. M. Wulkow Computing in Technology GmbH "CiT GmbH" (CIT), Rastede - Germany

11 - Universidade do Porto (UP), Porto - Portugal


Member list 

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Scientific Publications, Technical Reports and Awards



New article "A Hybrid Galerkin–Monte-Carlo Approach to Higher-Dimensional Population Balances in Polymerization Kinetics"




Carl Klason Prize for Zhansaya Sadakbayeva, March 2012 "click here"