Courses in  the BSc and MSc programs “Mathematics” and “Bioinformatics” and in the Berlin Math School

We provide courses on various topics in the fields “Numerical Mathematics / Scientific Computing”, “Applied Stochastics” and “Mathematical Modelling and Simulation”. The main emphasis is on the lecture series “Computer oriented Mathematics I+II” and “Numerics I-IV”. Courses on stochastic processes and biomolecular simulation are also offered on a regular basis.


Computer-oriented mathematics

a novel undergraduate course for the first semesters

During the last years Ralf Kornhuber and Christof Schuette have developed a novel course in computer-oriented mathematics in which the fundamental concepts of numerical mathematics (e.g. condition numbers, stability indicators) are introduced and analyzed. An undergraduate textbook for the first semester in a typical bachelor program in mathematics is in preparation.

Colloquia and research seminars

Together with other research groups in scientific computing and numerical mathematics in the Berlin area we are organizing the Oberseminar “Scientific Computing” with weekly talks by leading international experts in the field.

In addition we are organizing the Oberseminar “Moleküle im Rechner” where international experts present ongoing research in computational molecular research in a bi-weekly rhythm.


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computer-oriented mathematics and statistics

In recent years we have developed comprehensive eLearning tools for asynchronous studies in computer-oriented mathematics and statistics that are designed for use parallel to the respective beginners courses.


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